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About Waitohi Ag

Waitohi Ag Ltd is a machinery syndicate based at Masons Flat Hawarden in the old Masons Flat Hall originally started by 6 farmers in 1976.

Formally known as Waitohi Partnership, the group was set up to accommodate the growing cultivation, drilling and hay requirements of the members.

Originally services were limited to ploughing, cultivation, drilling, mowing and round hay baling.

Over the years the demand for our services has changed, but the motivation to provide a great service and a quality job has not.

Now 40 years on, we still offer all forms of cultivation but we specialise in conventional drilling, direct drilling and baleage. 

The members and manager are always looking for better machines to provide a top level of service.

In early days work was done soley for the members but demand for services has increased so much now that we work 30% for members  and 70% contract work for farmers.

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